1. This standalone application is an ideal solution for people wanting to preview and choose the output format of their 2D photos.


    DeepSkyStacker is a powerful tool for fixing images with broken star trails or defects. It was developed with ultra-low-cost, ultra-low-power embedded devices in mind.
    It provides tools to stitch together an image sequence of (typically) many short exposures into a master, to allow you to use/override any selected

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  2. Why in the world would I want to play the violin? Take my violin away, and I’ll jump right back into bed…
    That’s the long answer for the question above, since I know there are a lot of reasons why you might want to learn how to play the violin. Some of the top reasons include:
    – Playing the violin can help improve your overall ear or listening skills.
    – It requires a small amount of strength.
    – Playing the

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  3. It can even send new messages as easily as pie — just open the account you want to use as a sender and click the envelope-shaped button on the toolbar.Copper transmetallation reactions that generate copper catalysis: reactions of a copper (II) intermediate.
    Reactions of an (SCN)2Cu precursor result in the formation of an electron-transfer oxidation product which then reacts with N2 to form N2O. This possible second-order copper transmet

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  4. With the help of the current set of free sounds and graphics packs, the app provides beginners with several opportunities for releasing their ideas into the wild.

    There are numerous people out there who have interesting ideas for games brewing in their minds, however there are obstacles that hinder their chances in bringing them to reality. In this post, we shall take a look at the available tools for those who wish to develop games for a desktop or mobile platform with a small budget or with little to no technical knowhow

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  5. ■ For MIDI Musicians: note up and note down MIDI events for various sequencer
    ■ The major advantage of this version is in computer application and its ability to control beyond computers. This particular version of the software expands it’s control capabilities to control also many audio and MIDI synthesizers.
    ■ Very easy to operate with the X/Y grid, mouse or Keyboard
    ■ Great help files with example setups available via download

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  6. Redesigning your living space is the number one custom home renovation project. For the most part, you want to make some of these changes as convenient as possible. You can simply relocate furniture or by covering your furniture with some plastic. However, your choice in material can sometimes be either convenient or daunting. Wood is nice because it is durable, but it can be difficult to spot an eventual stain in the future. There are several different types of wood products out there for you to consider when

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  7. An important feature for certain kinds of companies
    Invoices are important for many kinds of businesses. If you sell big goods, it is important for you to know how much you have paid each customer, what they have ordered, and how much to write off or charge as a customer support fee.
    The offline tool lets you quickly create invoices and see them online in a beautiful way. You can then print them in any color or create them in PDF so you can send them to

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  8. Author: Myles Thomas
    Since 2014, Myles has authored over a hundred articles for almost every tech enthusiast on the planet. Recognized as the go-to for fascinating artifacts and useful how-tos, he has authored several of his own tech-based e-books, instructed webinars and published a string of essays for the site.Q:

    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on removing last element from a LinkedList


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  9. With it, you can reboot, hibernate or shut off a computer. A remote shutdown is executed by a special application being stuck in screen one and sending the kill command to the remote system. From here, you can log into the guest to reactivate it.

    In this article, I will give you an overview of the app and point out some of its shortcomings. I will give you a simple explanation of the AppListening Protocol and I will explore what the state

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  10. Connect with Us

    Mid-Island Theatre Exchange to host perve photos

    Fancy a peek at what this guy left in your mailbox?

    Mid-Island Theatre Exchange is hosting a “Pimpmypics” photo contest that gives a chuckle and a chance to win tickets to a live performance.

    Sounds like it could be the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

    The theatre has teamed up with local photographer Kelly Daniels to produce posters

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  11. It also offers features such as user rights, LDAP authentication, and IP address restriction and proper use of XWiki templates, as well as Graphical User Interface (GUI) front-end consistency, to ensure solid image among partners.
    Key features of XWiki Standard include:

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  12. Subscribe and never miss any of our great content! The best way to stay updated with all of our great extensions is by subscribing to our RSS feed.In the last week or so on the see of SEQ Europe, we have been the subject of some analysis by the General Directorate of the Generalitat de València (the Valencia Government), a number of ‘quirky’ ridership studies and a fair amount of discussion (often misrepresented) on the local technology community

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  13. When it comes to data storage, there is no substitute for a hard drive.

    We all rely on our devices to store data that is bound for future use. That is why most of us prefer to stick with those devices, even though there are cases in which we might actually need a backup of our data. In the end, we realize that losing our data is completely devastating, both emotionally and financially, so it is best to ensure that we have the means to recover any data

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  14. What we think
    Probably the best of its kind, PasteItIn is an excellent choice for people who want to make their Windows Clipboard work a little bit more efficiently.

    Update from Jan 2018
    Try these new features on the PasteItIn website:
    + Clipboard groups for any Windows app
    + Context menus to manage groups
    + Clipboard & PDF forms integration for Google Docs, LibreOffice and more
    + Custom clipboards for projects (groups 1b4b956d05 taghman

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